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European Just Transition Fund


Client: European Commission

The team worked with a number of Directorate General units from the European Commission, led by DG REFORM, in supporting the development of the Territorial Just Transition Plan for the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications. This major work involved extensive national and international stakeholder engagement, detailed and varied spatial analytics, and the ultimate definition of potential pathways for supporting a just transition in the ‘most affected territory’ in Ireland. The deliverables were designed to support Ireland in securing access to the EU’s Just Transition Mechanism.

Just Transition


Client: Developmental Work

The team have developed a composite indicator for assessing energy poverty risk at a fine spatial scale in the context of a Just Transition for Climate. The open source published method can be applied to assess the impact of various interventions (e.g. carbon tax, retrofit strategy) on exacerbating or mitigating energy poverty risk in a high resolution spatially referenced manner. The research is available at – https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0301421520305127

Policy Impact Analysis – Nationwide Smoky Coal Ban


Client: Dept. of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment

EnvEcon consulting conducted a detailed analysis of the proposal to introduce a nationwide smoky coal ban in Ireland. This work has informed the potential sequencing of change in regard to the extension of the smoky coal ban and possibility of an ultimate nationwide ban.

Dept. of Environment – RIA for Waste Levies and Plastic Bags


Client: Dept. of Environment
In cooperation with colleagues from the Netherlands, EnvEcon consulting conducted the regulatory impact assessment for the revision of the waste levy legislation and the plastic bag levy. The completed analysis, along with the specific terms of reference are available from the Department.

Environmental Economic Program Evaluation


Client: Sida

EnvEcon conducted an evaluation of the Environmental Economics Program (EEP), which itself consists of two sub-programs; the academic capacity building program at University of Gothenburg (CBP) an the Environment for Development Initiative (EfD). The EEP program is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The evaluation required the evaluation of centres in China, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa and Costa Rica, as well as an in-depth analysis of the quantity and quality of the outputs from the Sida funded interventions.

Ecocem Limited – European Emissions Trading Scheme Anomalies


Client: Ecocem Limited

EnvEcon consulting conducted two studies on behalf of Ecocem Limited in relation to the European Emissions Trading Scheme and the cement sector. Specifically examining the case for addressing an equity and competitiveness concern raised by the introduction of the ETS.

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