Development and Implementation of Climate and Related Policies Internationally


Client: CEPS

As part of a longer term support contract, EnvEcon has supported the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), a leading policy think-tank in Brussels, in the development and implementation of climate change and related policies across North America and Asia and fostering and strengthening cooperative links between regions.

The Role of Data for Greening the Economy


Client: National Economic and Social Council (NESC)
Partners: FNE Limited

EnvEcon led a study for NESC to examine the perceived value and use of environmental data in Ireland across diverse public and private organisations. The study explored through research and extensive stakeholder enagement, the extent to which environmental data are currently available and utilised in the policy process. The work also incorporated the development of a national environmental data map as a key deliverable.

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Data management and Indicator System


Client: University of Gothenburg

EnvEcon developed a dynamic data management and indicator reporting system for the client in this case. The data management system (MIMI) was developed from scratch to allow the recording of data entries from multiple units across the client network. These data entries are processed and aggregated to automatically generate dynamic outputs that were designed to support the reporting and promotional mission of the client to existing funders and potential donors and partners.