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Behaviour, Economics, Science and Technology.
Our established specialist expertise covers a broad spectrum to offer you the BEST support.


Application of economic methods and analytical frameworks to support our clients


Rigorous policy design, forensic policy evaluation and expert policy implementation support


Broad scope integrated assessment modelling across all sectors and multiple themes


Understanding decisions and communicating choices with behavioural science


Identification of credible and relevant goals and delivering a strategy to achieve those goals


Rigorous design of operational procedures, data systems and analytical frameworks


Support on both Government relations and strategies for public communications


Formal program evaluations and assessments to ascertain value and measure performance


EnvEcon strives for excellence and the exceedance of client expectations.
We deliver on these goals by engaging a broad network of expertise from
research and policy active professionals which ensures that our clients receive
a timely, evidence-based response, from a tailored research team with
contemporary expertise in the relevant field and beyond.


Policy and Investment Decision Support

Supporting the development of advanced
analytical capacity in global megacities

The World Bank

National Plans and Strategy

Core support on the development of National Mitigation Plan, Clean Air Strategy,
National Air Pollution Control Plan, and the Climate Action Plan

Irish Government
Energy Price Modelling

Assessing the impact of
high oil and gas prices

Strategic Support

Support on the design and
development of IDA’s Strategic Plan

IDA Ireland
Program Evaluation

Formal assessment of major global
capacity development program

Swedish International Development Coooperation Agency (Sida)
Data Evaluation

Assessment of the availability, perceived
value and use of environmental data

National Economic and Social Council
Policy Support

Numerous studies in support of policy
design, development and deployment

Government Departments
European Research Projects

Team members have participated in numerous
EU research projects over the past 20 years

DG Research (EC)
Task Forces and Expert Groups

Team members have long standing membership and
engagement with UNECE assessment and modelling task force

United Nations - Economic Commission for Europe

RIA Latte Levy

Regulatory impact assessment for a levy on
single use disposable cups

Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment
Data Management System

Development of data management
and indicator system

University of Gothenburg
Research Projects

Development and delivery of major
policy and modelling research projects

Environmental Protection Agency
International Policy Development and Implementation

Development and implementation support for
environmental policies across North America and Asia

Centre for European Policy Studies
Regulatory Impact Assessments

Regulatory impact assessments of plastic bag taxes
and waste facility levies for Ireland

Department of Environment Health and Local Government
Specialist Environmental Market Expertise

Support on the carbon initiative strategy
and International carbon standard development

Green Irish Financial Services Centre
Industry-Specific Expertise

Cement industry market evaluation
and policy incentive analysis

EU and National Expert Groups

Served on European and National expert bodies such as NEC-PI (EC) and the expert commission on domestic public water services in Ireland (IE)

Expert Panels and Groups
Environmental Taxation Specialists

Research to support the design, implementation and revision of major environmental taxation policies such as the Plastic Bag Levy, Carbon Tax and Waste Facilities Levy.

Environmental Taxation
European Emissions Trading Scheme

Research to support the future direction of the European
emissions trading scheme and associated climate policy in Europe

European Commission
International Negotiation

Support on the development of national positions and the
negotiation of air and climate targets for Ireland

Irish Government
Parking Pricing Policy

Data collation, meter data analysis, market surveys and policy support for Dublin’s on-street parking policy

Dublin City Council

Policy Evaluation

Analytical review of EDF’s policy engagements to identify what works and how to replicate and scale successes

Environmental Defense Fund