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Economic Analysis

EnvEcon Decision Support was established by a team of leading economists who sought to use economic thinking and economic methodologies to provide rigorous and reliable decision support. Whilst the team have built from their economic foundations with new disciplines, techniques and methods, economic analysis remains at the core of EnvEcon’s services. Our work covers all sectors of the economy, and examples of our economic analysis services include:

  • Ex ante/Ex post Evaluations

Modelling of scenario outcomes, ongoing and ex post empirical analysis of performance.

  • Defined Impact Assessment Studies

Regulatory impact assessments, environmental impact assessments.

  • Tailored Cost Benefit Analyses of Projects and Policies

Regulatory interventions, tax research, market-based instrument design, investment appraisals.

  • Application of Specific Techniques for Defined Purposes

Econometric analyses, behavioural economics, valuation studies.

Policy Research

Policy research is the primary application for EnvEcon’s services. EnvEcon have experience across all sectors (e.g. residential, transport, power) and within multiple thematic areas (e.g. health, air, climate, competitiveness). A particular focus of our policy research lies within environmental policy given that there is arguably no greater driver of behavioural, technological and economic change in the world today. Selected sectoral and thematic areas of policy research are outlined below.

  • Sectoral – Agricultural Policy

Assessment of incentives, interventions and impacts across the agriculture sector.

  • Sectoral – Residential Policy

Technology adoption, energy demand, fuel choices, design and targeting of interventions.

  • Sectoral – Transport Policy

Fleet modelling, modal choice, policy design and appraisal, parking policy, purchase decisions.

  • Sectoral – Industry Policy

Market analysis in relation to the waste sector, cement industry and power generation.


  • Thematic – Health Policy

Research to identify, quantify and value health impacts and risks.

  • Thematic – Enterprise Policy

National economic evaluation and enterprise strategy development.

  • Thematic – Innovation Policy

Design of balanced support structures to encourage innovation at firm and national levels.

  • Thematic – Environmental Policy

Policy support in relation to air, climate, waste, water and energy related environmental targets.

Data Systems

EnvEcon’s work is grounded on evidence and as such the team are necessarily proficient in a number of contexts with regard to data. We have experience with managing large and complex data sets, identifying and integrating valuable data sets, generating new primary data, and presenting data in an easily interpreted and effective manner.

  • Spatial Analytics

Highly proficient with GIS for visualisation as well as more advanced spatial analytics methods.

  • Primary Data Generation

Experience in advanced survey design and survey management through a variety of mediums.

  • Data Systems Management

Data systems design, development and management.

  • Data Mining and Development

Excellent awareness of existing data sets, capacity to develop new data sets by mining and linking.


EnvEcon team members have a broad history of engagement across private and public sector entities nationally and internationally. The team have served in senior economic advisory positions to national and overseas governments as well as to a number of international organisations. This experience affords a unique perspective on the most effective means for managing the interface between Government, private sector and the public. Support services include:

  • Negotiation

Intermediary support on negotiation between national and international bodies.

  • Connections

Support with identifying appropriate contacts nationally and internationally.

  • Communications

Support on the clear communication of initiatives to stakeholders.

Strategic Development

A broad experience set combined with an inter-disciplinary work environment enables EnvEcon to deliver diverse and well-developed strategic advice to businesses or decision makers operating in a number of sectors from waste to pharmaceuticals, and transport to energy. Services include:

  • Facilitation Services

Support and guidance on the development process for an achievable strategy.

  • Developing Nation Supports

Specialist experience operating in and supporting sustainable growth in developing nations.

  • Business Expansion and Redirection

Expert perspectives on economic, technological and behavioural challenges and change.

Program Evaluations

EnvEcon can tailor a systematic evaluation to a given program, project or policy. Our approach initially seeks to identify the relevant available data, the key stakeholders and the appraisal criteria. From this point we engage with the client to design an approach that will deliver a credible and transparent assessment based on evidence, and refined through experience.

  • Funding Evaluations

Critical and constructive evaluations of funding support to assess return, risks and refinements.

  • Quality Assessments

Reviews of research and analysis by third parties to identify gaps and weaknesses.

  • Peer Ranking and Benchmarking

Internal, external and international ranking and benchmarking exercises.

Behavioural Science

Behavioural science, in particular behavioural economics, has been developing rapidly over the past decade and has now firmly established itself as a powerful policy discipline that can help us to comprehend, communicate and change behaviours. EnvEcon can provide a broad range of support services in the field of behavioural science from tailored research to general training for specific industries, sectors and group functions.

  • Training

Tailored training and support courses for companies, policy makers and industry groups.

  • Intervention Design

Interpreting literature, evidence and RCT results to design an intervention for a specific ambition.

  • Randomised Control Trials

EnvEcon can work to design, deliver and evaluate an RCT specific to the client needs.

  • Day Reconstruction Method

DRM is a uniquely cost-effective way to measure well-being and decision-making in everyday life.

Integrated Modelling

The outcomes of decisions rarely respect the defined boundaries of the analyst. Many policy challenges require evaluations of complex problems across multiple sectors and thematic areas in order to establish a suitably broad and robust perspective on the options and expected outcomes. Integrated modelling tools offer defined frameworks that can handle complex policy questions. The EnvEcon team run a number of powerful integrated models to enhance their decision support offering for public and private clients. These models offer:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Modelling

Modelling that engages expertise from multiple scientific fields e.g. economics, engineering, science.

  • Integrated Sectoral Modelling

Modelling that simultaneously examines interactions across all sectors of the economy.

  • Integrated Thematic Modelling

Modelling that spans multiple thematic areas and outcomes such as climate, air, health, economy.