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The work of EnvEcon Decision Support is channelled through our Research and Consulting units. The Research unit undertakes longer-term capacity building projects that work to establish, extend or enhance methodologies and knowledge. The Consulting unit is focused on the application of developed knowledge and methodologies in response to shorter-term Decision Support needs. This dual approach allows EnvEcon Decision Support to maintain the requisite engagement with slow burn developments in policy, methodology and technology, and to draw upon that knowledge, at any given time, to offer Decision Support from the leading edge of science and policy.


The Research unit is focused on longer-term not-for-profit research projects and in-house development programs that progress on a different track. These projects allow us to maintain a direct engagement in the development of new research and policy. Samples of major research areas are provided in this section.


The Consulting unit engages on shorter-term commercial work for clients facing a specific challenge that may require a more focused and rapid response. EnvEcon consulting will tailor a team to the task at hand, evaluate the client request and deliver. A non-exhaustive list of such work is provided in this section.