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Challenge and Compliance Report

The EnvEcon Challenge and Compliance (CC) Report is an annual publication that offers a comprehensive analysis of Ireland’s air and climate emissions inventory, along with forecasts for future emissions across various sectors and activities. It serves as a crucial tool for understanding Ireland’s progress toward emissions targets and the implementation of environmental policies, both on a national and international scale. The primary objective of this report is to present a structured overview of emissions data and mitigation policies in a manner that is accessible to a wide audience, including those who may not be experts in specific sectors or thematic areas. It places a strong emphasis on highlighting the interconnections, opportunities, and risks associated with emissions and mitigation policies. Additionally, the report delves into the technical intricacies of emissions reporting and compliance, particularly within the context of Ireland and the broader European landscape, shedding light on significant developments in this field.

The 2022 EnvEcon CC Report goes beyond emissions reporting and analysis. It shifts its focus to evaluate the performance of Irish policies in relation to well-defined national targets, as outlined in CAP21 and CAP23. Furthermore, it spotlights critical research conducted by EnvEcon across various sectors, offering valuable insights to guide policy decisions and actions towards 2030 and beyond. It identifies key challenges in climate mitigation, primarily in sectors like residential, road transport, and agriculture, which consistently contribute to approximately 80% of total non-ETS emissions each year. Potential solutions, including residential retrofits, EV deployment, and emission reduction measures in agriculture, are outlined. However, considerable progress is required to meet the set targets. To overcome these challenges, Ireland must continue to innovate its policies and engage in project-based initiatives, particularly in sectors like energy efficiency, transportation, and buildings. These efforts, coupled with technology-driven decarbonisation, are essential for achieving emission reduction goals. Additionally, fostering changes in behaviour and practices through incentives and non-technical initiatives is crucial. Addressing air quality is another imperative, with Ireland needing to meet emission ceilings set by the NECD for key air pollutants. The report identifies residential, transport, and agriculture as key pressure points. Policies targeting renewable electricity generation, phasing out peat and coal, residential retrofit programs, EV adoption, and innovative farming practices are expected to have a significant impact on air pollution mitigation.

The Challenge and Compliance Report serves as a valuable resource for comprehending Ireland’s progress and challenges in emissions reduction and air quality improvement. It underscores the importance of continuous policy innovation, technology adoption, and behavioural changes to achieve ambitious climate and air quality goals in the years ahead.

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