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GAINS Ireland

Research Project: GAINS Ireland multi-sectoral integrated modelling

GAINS Ireland is the national instance of the GAINS Europe model. GAINS Europe is developed by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and is the model used to inform a broad swathe of European environmental policy decisions. Informing inter alia, the initial European climate and energy package 2008 and the subsequent discussions for the step-up towards 30%. The model has also played a direct role in the development of the European non-traded sector targets (NETS), the National Emissions Ceiling Directive (NECD), and the Gothenburg Protocol (GP). EnvEcon research maintain and develop the GAINS Ireland system as a policy evaluation tool for Ireland that can also link with GAINS Europe and beyond. The GAINS Ireland system is focused upon supporting effective policy decisions and evidence led negotiations.

The GAINS Ireland system is currently playing a leading role in developing national and sectoral responses in regard to key policy challenges such as the European GHG emissions challenge anticipated in the context of the NETS targets from 2013 to 2030, as well as an ongoing central role in the air pollution driven objectives for 2020 and 2030 under European (Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution) and UNECE (Gothenburg Protocol) agreements.

The GAINS Ireland model draws on historical and projected activity, as well as control and cost data from every sector of the economy to model the emissions, impacts and cost-effective abatement potential of the market with respect to a given constraint. The model is a powerful tool in its own right, but also serves as a pivot for broader complementary research by EnvEcon and as a valuable integrator for the work of others in this context.

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