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Transport Policy Modelling

Research Project: Road transport sector modelling

EnvEcon maintain a national fleet modelling system, calibrated annually in detail from a range of empirical transport data sources in Ireland. This modelling system offers the capacity for rigorous and structured analyses of fleet evolution and activity change intervention outcomes in respect of climate and air pollution outcomes. Combined with extensive expertise in transport policy research more generally the team are well placed to support the modelling, design and management of transport policy interventions at a variety of scales.

EnvEcon research have also redeveloped and reprogrammed the European Commission’s TREMOVE transport model for use as a transport policy assessment tool in an Irish context. This work has entailed extensive research into collating and integrating new and novel data to the system, as well as rewriting the model code to reflect internal research on the functioning and interactions of key parameters. The modelling system remains under ongoing research and development and can also be used for EU wide analysis.

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