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Midlands Regional and Town Profiles

Client: Midlands Ireland

The EnvEcon team supported the development of the new Midlands Regional and Town Profiles in 2024. Utilising the latest data from Census 2022, stakeholder insights and other novel sources, the team provided a comprehensive analysis of the strengths, investment opportunities, and quality of life on offer in the Midlands region. The profiles capture the Midlands as a region and also cover five principal towns: Athlone, Mullingar, Portlaoise, Tullamore, and Longford. The spatially referenced data highlight key attributes including  demographics, education, clusters, infrastructure, property, and relevant state supports. The profiles indicate the sustained progress and development of the Midlands since the last census and offer a holistic view of what makes the Midlands and its principal towns such attractive areas to live, work, study, visit, and invest in.

Visit the full Regional and Town profiles here.

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