11 Priory Office Park, Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland

National Air Pollution Control Programme

Client: Department of the Environment, Climate, and Communications

The EnvEcon team has been involved in clean air policy and research for over 20 years, contributing to the initial modelling and negotiation of European targets and revised targets for transboundary air pollution throughout that time. The team has also worked on numerous iterations of national policies and strategies across all sectors to address air pollution challenges. Most recently, the team supported the development of Ireland’s National Air Pollution and Control Programme (NAPCP) 2024, following on from work to support the NAPCP reports for Ireland in 2019 and 2021. Utilising the Informative Inventory Report and emissions projections data for 2021, submitted to the Commission in 2023, the team provided comprehensive analysis and drafting in regard to Ireland’s air pollution emissions of NOx, SO2, NMVOC, NH3, and PM2.5.

Visit the full National Air Pollution and Control Plan (2024) here.

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